Brawl Stars: Spike Best Gadget and Star Power

Spike is a Legendary brawler belonging to the Damage Dealer class. Despite his low health, he packs a punch with high damage output. Sporting normal movement speed, long-range attacks, and a slow reload speed, Spike is a force to be reckoned with.

His basic attacks unleash a cactus that explodes upon reaching its full range, hitting an enemy, or encountering an obstacle. Upon explosion, the cactus releases 6 spikes in all directions, each dealing significant damage.

When utilizing his super, Spike hurls a thorny grenade that can be thrown over obstacles. This grenade creates a circular area for 4.5 seconds, dealing damage and slowing down enemies caught within its radius.

Now, let’s delve further into his gadgets, star power, optimal build, and the best game modes for unleashing Spike’s potential.

Spike’s Gadgets

First Gadget: Popping Pincushions

When activated, Spike shoots three waves of 10 needles in all directions, with each needle dealing 1120 damage. This gadget offers a solid choice and depends largely on the player’s preferred style of play. It’s particularly useful in showdown modes, where its wide-reaching attack can effectively fend off multiple opponents.

Second Gadget: Life Plant

When activated, this gadget spawns a large cactus with 2400 health. The cactus can absorb damage, and when destroyed, Spike and his allies recover 1400 health if they were close to it. This gadget proves more useful compared to the first one because it enhances Spike’s durability and also offers valuable support to the team, promoting longevity in battles.

Spike’s Star Powers

First Star Power: Fertilize

This star power enables Spike to regenerate 1200 health per second by remaining within the area of effect of his super. While this ability is beneficial for Spike’s survivability, its downside is that it only heals Spike himself. If it had the added capability to heal his allies as well, it would undoubtedly be a solid choice, potentially making it the best supporting star power in Spike’s arsenal.

Second Star Power: Curveball

When equipped, this star power causes Spikes from Spike’s cactus grenades to fly in a curving motion. This alteration significantly enhances Spike’s effectiveness by making it much harder for opponents to dodge his attacks. With this star power, Spike can apply even more pressure, making it challenging for enemies to recover health, especially when they are behind obstacles. Overall, it’s a very solid choice for Spike, greatly improving his offensive capabilities.

Best Spike Build

The optimal Spike build incorporates his second gadget, “Life Plant,” and his second star power, “Curveball.” This combination enhances his already formidable capabilities, as Spike excels in dealing high damage and applying intense pressure.

The “Life Plant” gadget significantly boosts his durability, addressing his low health and providing the survivability he needs to stay in the fight. This is preferred over the first gadget, which offers a damage boost, as Spike already packs enough firepower.

With the “Curveball” star power, Spike’s attacks become incredibly difficult to dodge, even behind walls. This further amplifies his pressuring ability, keeping enemies in check and making them think twice before approaching.

For gear choices, Spike’s Mythic GearSticky Spikes” and “Damage” gear are recommended. These selections enhance his offensive capabilities while also providing additional crowd control with sticky spikes, maximizing his effectiveness in battles.

Best Modes for Spike

Spike shines in modes such as “Duo Showdown,” “Bounty,” “Knockout,” and “Heist“. His exceptional pressuring ability and high damage output make him a significant threat to enemy teams in these modes. With his ability to apply relentless pressure and deal substantial damage, Spike can create significant problems for opposing teams, making him a valuable asset in these game modes.

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