Brawl Stars: Sandy Best Gadget and Star Power

Sandy is a Legendary brawler known for his fast movement speed, normal range, and reload speed. With medium health and dealing moderate damage, his kit is straightforward yet effective.

His primary attack involves throwing sand in a wide cone-shaped area, inflicting medium damage on enemies within range. Meanwhile, his super ability allows him to summon a sandstorm in a large area, lasting for 9 seconds. During this time, Sandy and his allies become invisible. His super stands out as one of the best support abilities in the game, offering opportunities for strategic repositioning and unleashing a myriad of possibilities during a match.

Now, let’s delve deeper into his gadgets, star power, optimal build, and the game modes where Sandy truly shines.

Sandy’s Gadgets

First Gadget: Sleep Stimulator

When activated, Sandy immobilizes himself for 1.5 seconds, restoring full health in the process. However, during this time, he remains vulnerable to damage and can be interrupted by certain attacks that cause knockbacks or pulls.

The choice of gadget primarily depends on the mode being played or an individual’s preferred play style.

Second Gadget: Sweet Dreams

When activated, Sandy’s next attack will now stun his opponent for 1 second. This gadget proves to be a solid choice as it adds an extra effect to his attack, offering versatile utility.

It can be employed in various ways, whether to facilitate an escape by stunning enemies, confirm kills, or interrupt enemy supers. With numerous possibilities, this gadget enhances Sandy’s effectiveness in a wide range of situations.

Sandy’s Star Powers

First Star Power: Rude Sands

When activated, this star power causes Sandy’s sandstorm to also inflict damage, dealing 216 damage per second to enemies inside it. This star power proves to be a solid choice, especially if the objective is to disrupt enemy positioning.

Not only does it deal damage, but it also hinders the enemies’ ability to regenerate health, making it an effective tool for controlling the battlefield and applying pressure on opponents.

Second Star Power: Healing Winds

This star power, compared to the first one, adds a healing effect to Sandy’s super. Now, Sandy’s sandstorm will heal him and his allies for 380 health per second if they are inside it.

Both star powers are solid choices, and the decision may vary based on the team composition you are playing with. This healing effect enhances Sandy’s supportive role, providing sustainability to him and his teammates during engagements, offering strategic flexibility in different team compositions.

Best Sandy Build

The best Sandy build incorporates his second gadget, “Sweet Dreams,” and his first star power, “Rude Sands.” This combination enhances Sandy’s versatility and effectiveness on the battlefield. With “Sweet Dreams,” he gains excellent defensive capabilities against enemy brawlers, allowing him to hold his ground more effectively.

Meanwhile, “Rude Sands” amplifies Sandy’s supportive role, as it adds a damaging effect to his super. This enhancement makes him an even greater team player, providing both offensive and defensive utility to his allies. While “Healing Winds” is also a viable option depending on team composition, “Rude Sands” generally offers more consistent value.

For gear choices, “Damage” gear and his Mythic Gear, “Exhaustion Storm,” are recommended. These selections further augment Sandy’s offensive capabilities and improve his survivability, enhancing his overall impact on the battlefield.

Best Modes for Sandy

The best modes for Sandy are Gem Grab, Hotzone, and Brawl Ball, where his abilities shine brightly.

In Gem Grab, Sandy excels, primarily due to his super ability. The invisibility it provides proves invaluable in securing gems without risking danger, allowing Sandy and his teammates to survive longer while navigating the map.

Hotzone is another ideal mode for Sandy, as his super can be strategically cast within the zone, making it easier for him and his allies to capture and control the area. The added difficulty it imposes on enemies to target opponents within the zone further enhances Sandy’s effectiveness.

Sandy’s prowess in Brawl Ball is evident, with his strong defensive capabilities. His gadget plays a crucial role in defense, while his super aids in securing the ball for his team. Additionally, the invisibility provided by his super makes it challenging for enemies to anticipate their next move, further bolstering their offensive plays.

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