Brawl Stars: Penny Best Gadget and Star Power

Meet Penny, a Super Rare brawler from the Artillery class, adored by fans for her exciting gameplay. With her normal movement speed, long-range attacks, and regular reload speed, Penny brings a lot of fun to the arena.

In battle, Penny unleashes pouches of gold that cause splash damage. Upon hitting an enemy, they explode into three additional clumps of gold in a cone shape, targeting foes behind them. Each clump deals 75% of Penny’s attack damage, significantly increasing her damage output and sometimes even allowing her to take down enemies with a single shot.

But Penny’s firepower doesn’t stop there. Her super ability summons a cannon that deals high damage to enemies from a distance, leaving a fiery trail wherever her shells land.

Ready to delve into Penny’s gadgets, star powers, the best build, and game modes to make the most of her abilities? Let’s explore further!

Penny’s Gadgets

First Gadget: Salty Barrel

When activated, Penny deploys a Barrel with 2240 health. This Barrel not only blocks attacks but can also be used to detonate her own gold pouches. This versatile gadget is the perfect fit for Penny, offering multiple uses that align perfectly with her playstyle.

Second Gadget: Trusty Spyglass

When activated, Penny’s cannon fires shells at every visible enemy within its range. While this gadget may not offer as much versatility as the first one, it shines in modes like Gem Grab and Knockout, where it can effectively target multiple opponents at once.

Penny’s Star Power

First Star Power: Heavy Coffers

This star power expands the width of Penny’s gold pouch burst by adding 2 extra clumps of gold after each hit, resulting in 5 clumps of gold with each burst. It’s a solid choice and depends largely on the player’s preferred style of play.

Second Star Power: Master Blaster

This star power adds an extra effect to Penny’s super: her cannon now deals 1316 damage and also knocks back enemies upon landing. In my opinion, this is the better choice because it offers greater utility. Now, you can use your cannon for a variety of purposes, such as finishing off low-health enemies or knocking back any enemy brawler attempting to approach or rush you.

Best Penny Build

Penny’s optimal build combines her first gadget, “Salty Barrel,” with her second star power, “Master Blaster.” This duo equips her with all the necessary tools and safeguards her against vulnerabilities. Since Penny may struggle in one-on-one battles against high-health brawlers, the gadget provides cover and amplifies her splash damage, significantly improving her odds of victory.

As for the star power, it enhances her super, increasing its utility. This can be a lifesaver, allowing Penny to interrupt enemy supers like Buzz’s and secure kills, an area where she typically faces challenges.

For gear, prioritize Damage and Speed to maximize Penny’s effectiveness in combat.

Best Modes for Playing Penny

Penny can perform exceptionally well in all game modes when utilized effectively, thanks to her strong pressuring abilities. Her cannon’s long-range and splash damage can be quite annoying for opponents to deal with.

She particularly shines in 3 vs 3 modes due to her versatile kit, which complements various team compositions. Being an Artillery class brawler, Penny finds her optimal use in these modes, where she can maximize the effectiveness of her kit.

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