Brawl Stars: Melodie Best Gadget and Star Power

Melodie is a new Mythic brawler in the Assassin class, boasting normal movement speed, long range, and normal reload speed. With moderate health and variable damage, she offers a unique kit worth exploring.

Melodie’s basic attacks involve shooting a musical note that deals low damage. However, upon hitting an enemy, she gains a musical note that revolves around her. These revolving notes deal damage to enemies who come into close proximity to Melodie. She can accumulate a maximum of three notes by hitting enemies. It’s important to note that these revolving musical notes will vanish after some time, but continuous hits on enemies can prevent them from disappearing.

Her super adds an intriguing dynamic to her kit. Once charged, she gains three dashes but cannot recharge her super until all three dashes are used.

Now, let’s delve deeper into her gadgets, star power, optimal build, and the game modes where Melodie truly shines.

Melodie’s Gadgets

First Gadget: Perfect Pitch

When activated, Melodie’s musical notes receive a 25% increase in rotation speed and expand their orbit by 60% for 5 seconds. This gadget proves to be a solid choice for aggressive play, allowing Melodie to damage enemies from afar without putting herself in danger.

Second Gadget: Interlude

When activated, Melodie gains a 15% shield, equivalent to her maximum health, for each musical note revolving around her. With a maximum of three notes, she can obtain up to a 45% shield relative to her maximum health. This shield functions similarly to Edgar’s second gadget, gradually decaying over time.

Melodie Star Powers

First Star Power: Fast Beats

This star power grants Melodie an 8% increased movement speed for each note orbiting her. With the potential to accumulate multiple notes, Melodie can significantly boost her movement speed, enhancing her mobility on the battlefield.

Second Star Power: Extended Mix

With this star power, Melodie’s musical notes last 25% longer before they disappear. This enhancement to her revolving notes allows Melodie to maintain a sustained presence of damaging potential, creating a more persistent threat to enemies who come within their range.

Best Melodie Build

The best Melodie build incorporates her first gadget, “Perfect Pitch,” and her first star power, “Fast Beats,” as they synergize perfectly with her kit.

Using her gadget, it becomes easier for Melodie to damage enemies without getting too close to them. Since her musical notes don’t have a long range and her basic attacks don’t deal significant damage, this gadget facilitates her ability to handle enemies more effectively.

The star power, “Fast Beats,” complements Melodie’s playstyle of staying out of range and gradually chipping away at enemies’ health bars. With increased movement speed, combined with her super, Melodie becomes exceptionally elusive, making it challenging for enemies to catch her. This enhanced mobility allows her to evade enemy attacks while simultaneously dealing damage, without putting herself in danger.

For gear choices, “Damage” and “Gadget Charge” are recommended. These selections enhance Melodie’s offensive capabilities and allow her to utilize her gadget more frequently, maximizing her impact on the battlefield.

Best Modes For Melodie

The best modes for Melodie are Gem Grab, Brawl Ball, and Heist, where her kit shines brightly.

In Gem Grab, Melodie excels at easily collecting gems and maneuvering in and out of battles, making her one of the top contenders in this mode.

In Brawl Ball, Melodie demonstrates excellent offensive and defensive capabilities. It’s challenging to defend against her or keep the ball away from her, as she performs exceptionally well in this mode.

In Heist, her orbiting musical notes prove to be advantageous, dealing significant damage. If Melodie manages to get close to the Heist safe, her formidable evasive abilities make her extremely difficult to defeat, further enhancing her effectiveness in this mode.

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