Brawl Stars: Lola Best Gadget and Star Power

Lola is an Epic Brawler categorized as a Damage Dealer, featuring normal movement speed, long range, and a norml reload speed. Her attack consists of shooting 6 projectiles that inflict decent damage but require some time to unload. However, her basic attacks boast good spread, making it easier to hit enemies even when auto-attacking.

Her Super ability enables her to summon her Ego, which mimics her movements and deals damage. The damage inflicted by her Ego depends on the distance from Lola; within her specific radius, it deals 50% less damage.

Now, let’s delve deeper into Lola’s Gadgets, Star Powers, her optimal build, and the game modes where she truly shines.

Lola Gadgets

First Gadget: Freeze Flame

When Lola activates this gadget, her Ego halts its movement and gains a 50% shield for 4 seconds. Despite this, her Ego retains the ability to attack during this duration. This gadget is favored by experienced players for its strategic value and defensive capabilities.

Second Gadget: Stunt Double

This gadget enables Lola to swap positions with her Ego. It proves especially useful in tight situations where Lola finds herself cornered and needs to escape. Similar to Max’s second gadget, which creates a teleportation point, this gadget functions by allowing Lola to switch positions with her Ego.

Lola Star Powers

First Star Power: Improvise

This star power augments Lola’s attack damage on her final ammo by 30%. Its utility extends to 3 vs 3 modes, where Lola can capitalize on the boosted damage output during critical moments.

Second Star Power: Sealed With Kiss

With this star power, projectiles from Lola’s Ego gain the ability to heal allies for 208 health when caught in their path. This versatile feature allows Lola to provide support to her teammates by strategically positioning her Ego to deliver healing projectiles while engaging enemies. Additionally, Lola can utilize her Ego’s attacks to heal herself by positioning it in a manner that targets both enemies and allies, ensuring her sustained presence in the match.

Best Lola Build

Lola’s optimal build revolves around her first gadget, “Freeze Flame,” and her second star power, “Sealed With Kiss.” With “Freeze Flame,” Lola enhances her Ego’s durability by granting it a 50% shield for a limited duration, allowing her to maintain relentless pressure on enemies. While mastering control over Lola’s Ego may pose a challenge, its potential as a formidable ally in battle cannot be underestimated.

“Sealed With Kiss” amplifies Lola’s aggressiveness by providing constant healing, further bolstering her staying power on the battlefield. Mastering the strategic positioning of her Ego becomes paramount, as it can serve as a game-changer, either securing kills or enabling survival through healing, depending on the situation.

In terms of gear choice, prioritize Lola’s Epic Gear and the Damage Gear. Lola benefits from the 15% reload speed increase offered by her Epic Gear, which complements her aggressive playstyle. Additionally, the Damage Gear augments her damage output, ensuring that she keeps enemies on their toes and maintains pressure throughout engagements.

Best Modes for Playing Lola

Lola thrives in 3 vs 3 modes due to her potent damage output, aggressive playstyle, and exceptional ability to apply pressure on opponents. Her presence on the battlefield can significantly influence the outcome of matches, making her a valuable asset to any team.

In Solo Showdown, Lola shines when equipped with her second gadget, “Stunt Double,” and second star power, “Sealed with Kiss.” This combination enhances her durability and maneuverability, allowing her to navigate through tight situations with ease.

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