Brawl Stars: Edgar Best Gadget and Star Power

Edgar is an Epic brawler and a beloved favorite among players due to his accessibility and straightforward gameplay. With a kit that’s relatively easy to grasp, Edgar is well-suited for both novice and experienced players alike.

Belonging to the Assassin class, Edgar boasts moderate health, very fast movement and reload speeds, and wields a short-range attack style.

His unique trait allows him to passively charge his super over time, with each basic attack also contributing to its charge. Edgar’s attack consists of two rapid punches delivered via his scarf, with each punch providing him with a significant 35% heal of the damage dealt. This innate healing ability enhances his durability in combat, compensating for his relatively low health pool.

When activating his super, Edgar leaps into the air and descends upon a targeted area. This maneuver proves invaluable for evading obstacles and enemy attacks, providing him with strategic mobility on the battlefield.

Now, let’s delve into his gadgets, star powers, optimal build, and preferred game modes for unleashing Edgar’s full potential.

Edgar’s Gadgets

First Gadget: Let’s Fly

When activated, this gadget accelerates the charging speed of Edgar’s super by 525% for a duration of 4 seconds. This gadget proves particularly valuable in showdown mode, where prioritizing a passive approach over aggression is paramount to success.

Second Gadget: Hardcore

This gadget provides Edgar with a 3300 damage shield. It’s important to note that this shield diminishes over time, making it most effective when activated during combat rather than beforehand.

Edgar’s Star Powers

First Star Power: Hard Landing

When equipped, this star power enhances Edgar’s super to deal 1350 damage upon landing. However, due to its limited damage radius, it can be easily dodged by opponents, making it a less favorable choice compared to the second star power.

Second Star Power: Fisticuffs

This star power boosts Edgar’s healing capacity by 25% with each punch landed on an enemy. It stands out as the superior choice, as it synergizes well with his kit, compensating for his lower health pool and enhancing his overall durability through increased healing potential.

Best Edgar Build

Edgar’s optimal setup includes his second gadget, “Hardcore,” and his second star power,Fisticuffs.” This pairing effectively compensates for his vulnerabilities, particularly his lower durability due to his health. With increased healing and a shield provided by his gadget, Edgar becomes a formidable duelist, capable of winning most one-on-one encounters against various brawlers.

For gear, prioritize “Damage” and the Epic Gear “Super Charge,” as these selections complement his role as an Assassin-class brawler.

Best Modes for Playing Edgar

Edgar is versatile across all game modes, but his performance often hinges on the map layout. Maps with ample cover (walls and obstacles) are advantageous for Edgar, allowing him to safely charge his super while maintaining pressure on enemies. Conversely, maps with sparse cover present challenges, particularly in modes like Knockout and Bounty, where long-range brawlers dominate, hindering Edgar’s approach.

In Showdown modes, Edgar excels regardless of map layout. The prevalence of short and medium-range brawlers makes it easier for him to engage in favorable matchups and emerge victorious.

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