Brawl Stars: Crow Best Gadget and Star Power

Crow is a Legendary brawler in the Assassin class, characterized by low health and moderate attack damage. However, his attacks possess a unique trait: they poison enemies, inflicting damage over time. With very fast movement speed, long-range attacks, and quick reload speed, Crow is a formidable opponent.

His basic attacks consist of three daggers that deal low initial damage but can poison enemies, causing additional damage over time. This persistent damage can be frustrating for opponents, as it not only reduces their health but also hinders their ability to recover.

His super ability, “Swoop,” allows him to leap into the air and descend upon a targeted location. While airborne and upon landing, Crow throws 14 daggers in all directions, dealing decent damage. With its impressive range, his super can be employed in various scenarios to gain the upper hand.

Now, let’s explore his gadgets, star powers, the optimal build, and the game modes where Crow truly shines.

Crow’s Gadgets

First Gadget: Defence Booster

When activated, this gadget grants Crow a shield that absorbs 40% of incoming damage for 3 seconds. This handy tool can be quite useful for Crow, especially considering his low health. It can significantly improve his chances of survival, particularly if he finds himself ambushed by opponents.

Second Gadget: Slowing Toxin

When activated, this gadget slows down all poisoned enemies for 2 seconds. It’s a solid choice for Crow, given his difficulty in confirming kills. Additionally, it complements his abilities perfectly: poisoning enemies and then slowing them down. This gadget aligns well with Crow’s kit and is favored by many pro players for its effectiveness.

Crow’s Star Powers

First Star Power: Extra Toxic

This star power adds an extra effect to Crow’s attacks: enemies poisoned by him will deal 15% less damage. While this used to be a popular choice when it provided a 25% damage reduction, after the nerf, the effectiveness of the 15% reduction is debatable. Given Crow’s low health, the difference it makes may not be significant enough to make it a go-to choice anymore.

Second Star Power: Carrion Crow

This star power boosts the damage of Crow’s basic attacks and super by adding 256 extra damage to enemies with 50% health or less. Widely regarded as the superior choice, it offers greater utility compared to the first star power. With this enhancement, Crow becomes even more formidable, particularly against low-health brawlers, increasing his threat level significantly.

Best Crow Build

The optimal Crow build features his second gadget, “Slowing Toxin,” and his second star power, “Carrion Crow.” With this setup, he becomes even more formidable, as “Carrion Crow” allows him to not only deal damage but also slow down enemies with his gadget. This dual-purpose ability can be used for both offense and defense, making it a versatile tool. If enemies are closing in, Crow can use “Slowing Toxin” to hinder their movement and then make a swift escape.

Additionally, the second star power enhances Crow’s effectiveness against low-health brawlers, as it’s relatively easy to bring them down to 50% health. This results in increased damage output and makes it challenging for opponents to recover health due to the ongoing poison effect.

When it comes to gear choices, Crow’s Mythic gearEnduring Toxin,” which boosts his poison damage by 30%, and the “Shield” gear are highly recommended. These gear selections enhance Crow’s offensive capabilities while also providing added protection, maximizing his effectiveness in battle.

Best Modes for Crow

Crow excels in nearly all game modes except Heist and certain Showdown maps with lots of walls and limited open areas. His versatility makes him a formidable opponent in various team compositions, and when used effectively, he can pose a challenge for any opposing team. Notably, there’s no hard counter against him, and he performs admirably across the board, making him a reliable choice in a wide range of game modes.

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