Brawl Stars: Bonnie Best Gadget and Star Power

Bonnie is an Epic brawler classified as a Marksman, boasting high health and normal damage with long range in her default cannon form. However, upon switching to her alternate form, her range decreases to short, and her health slightly decreases. In contrast, her damage increases significantly. In her cannon form, Bonnie possesses only 1 ammo bar, whereas in her alternate form, she wields 3. Regardless of her form, Bonnie has fast reload speed.

In her canon form, Bonnie’s basic attacks deliver moderate damage, functioning similarly to Bea and Carl. Conversely, her alternate form unleashes devastating attacks, with each shot firing three shells in a cone-shaped area. Notably, while in her alternate form, Bonnie passively charges her super over time, although her basic attacks do not contribute to this charge.

Bonnie’s super ability launches her into the air in a specified direction, enabling her to soar over obstacles. Upon landing, she deals damage to nearby enemies and transitions into her alternate form.

Now, let’s delve further into Bonnie’s gadgets, star powers, optimal build, and preferred game modes, uncovering strategies to maximize her potential in Brawl Stars.

Bonnie’s Gadgets

First Gadget: Sugar Rush

When activated, this gadget grants Bonnie a 30% boost in movement and reload speed for 5 seconds, exclusive to her cannon form. Favored by experienced players, this gadget offers more utility compared to its counterpart, providing Bonnie with increased mobility and faster reloading capabilities.

Second Gadget: Crash Test

When activated, Bonnie dashes in a specified direction, knocking back and damaging enemies in her path while inflicting 2320 damage. Notably, this gadget is exclusive to her alternate form. While some may find its utility limited due to Bonnie’s decreased vulnerability in this form, it still proves beneficial in certain situations, depending on the player’s preferred play style and strategic approach.

Bonnie’s Star Powers

First Star Power: Black Powder

This star power increases the range of Bonnie’s super launch by 36%. Its utility is highly valuable as it synergizes effectively with her overall kit and playstyle.

Second Star Power: Wisdom Tooth

This star power grants Bonnie’s basic attacks in her cannon form an additional effect. Upon impact with an enemy or a wall, her basic attack shatters into four smaller pieces in a cross pattern. Each piece deals 25% of her basic attack’s damage. While this provides additional versatility, the smaller pieces can be challenging to land hits with and do not offer significant damage output. As a result, the first star power generally offers superior utility and effectiveness.

Best Bonnie Build

The optimal Bonnie build centers around her first gadget, “Sugar Rush,” and her first star power, “Black Powder.” These selections synergize seamlessly with her kit, enhancing her survivability and offensive capabilities.

Choosing the first gadget is crucial for this build, as it bolsters Bonnie’s defenses in her cannon form, where she is most vulnerable to ambushes, particularly from agile brawlers like Edgar. “Sugar Rush” significantly increases her chances of survival in such precarious situations.

Similarly, the first star power, “Black Powder,” stands out as the preferred choice due to its superior utility compared to the second star power. This star power complements Bonnie’s aggressive playstyle, allowing her to excel against long-range opponents by utilizing her super to close the distance.

For gear selection, prioritize Bonnie’s epic gear, “Super Charge,” alongside the “Damage Gear.” These choices complement Bonnie’s aggressive playstyle, enhancing her ability to charge her super swiftly while also amplifying her damage output, ensuring she remains a formidable force on the battlefield.

Best Modes for Playing Bonnie

Bonnie proves to be an exceptionally versatile brawler, suitable for nearly every game mode. With her well-rounded skill set, she possesses the capabilities necessary to excel in any given mode, making her a formidable contender across the board.

When utilizing Bonnie’s abilities, it’s crucial to exercise discretion with her super. It should be reserved for moments of dire necessity, as it serves as her primary means of defense. By strategically deploying her super, Bonnie can deter enemies from approaching, leveraging its extensive range to evade attacks effectively. Additionally, her transformation into her alternate form grants her formidable offensive capabilities, enabling her to swiftly deplete the health of enemy brawlers, making her a formidable opponent in combat.

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