Brawl Stars: Angelo Best Gadget and Star Power

Angelo is a new Epic Brawler in the Marksman class, boasting a unique and intriguing kit. With very long range, very fast movement speed, and reload speed, he’s a force to be reckoned with, albeit with low health and variable damage output. His special trait allows his to move over water.

His basic attacks involve shooting an arrow, with the damage varying based on how long the attack is charged. Maximum damage is achieved when his attack is charged for 2.5 seconds, making charging crucial for maximizing his damage potential. Without charging, his attacks deal minimal damage.

Angelo’s super creates a small toxic area on the ground, lasting for 8 seconds. Enemies caught within this area suffer damage upon entry. Additionally, when Angelo attacks while standing in the toxic area, his attacks inflict an additional 25% poison damage over time for 3 seconds.

Now, let’s delve deeper into his best gadgets, star power, optimal build, and the game modes where Angelo truly shines.

Angelo’s Gadgets

First Gadget: Stinging Flight

When Angelo activates this gadget, he leaps into the air in the direction he’s facing, simultaneously dealing 660 damage to nearby enemies and healing himself for the same amount of damage dealt. While resembling Cordelius’s gadget, Angelo’s leap covers a greater distance and includes damage and self-healing components. This gadget proves highly valuable for navigating obstacles, offering versatility in escaping danger or pursuing low-health opponents, among other uses.

Second Gadget: Master Fletcher

This gadget enables Angelo’s next attack to pass through any obstacles in its path. Particularly suitable for players who prefer a passive playstyle, unlike the first gadget, this one allows for confirmed kills without the need to get close to enemies. It provides a strategic advantage, allowing Angelo to maintain distance and control while still effectively dealing damage to opponents.

Angelo’s Star Powers

First Star Power: Empower

This star power adds an additional effect to Angelo’s super: when he stands inside its area of effect, he can now heal 600 health per second. This ability proves particularly beneficial on maps with more water, as Angelo’s super can be utilized on water surfaces. By using his super on water, Angelo can simultaneously heal, attack, and remain safe, offering a strategic advantage in controlling the battlefield.

Second Star Power: Flow

This star power grants Angelo a 25% increase in movement speed when moving over water. While both star powers have their merits, this one’s effectiveness depends heavily on the presence of water on the map. Without water, this star power becomes irrelevant. Overall, the first star power provides better utility, as it offers benefits regardless of the map layout, making it a more versatile choice.

Best Angelo Build

Angelo’s optimal build incorporates his first gadget, “Stinging Flight,” and his first star power, “Empower.” The first gadget is the ideal choice for him due to his low durability, greatly increasing his survivability, especially at short range where he’s vulnerable to quick defeat.

In terms of star power, “Empower” provides superior utility overall. Unlike the second star power, which relies on the presence of water on the map, “Empower” offers benefits regardless of the terrain, making it a more versatile choice. Additionally, it compensates for Angelo’s low durability by adding a healing effect to his super, enhancing his sustainability in battle.

For gear choices, “Shield” and “Damage” gear are recommended. These selections provide Angelo with added protection and increased offensive capabilities, respectively, optimizing his performance on the battlefield.

Best Modes for Angelo

Angelo proves to be particularly effective against low-health brawlers, thanks to his passive playstyle and high damage output. His best modes include “Gem Grab,” “Solo Showdown” (especially on maps with abundant water), “Knockout,” and “Bounty.” These modes are well-suited for Angelo because they typically feature fewer Tank-type brawlers and more low-health opponents. Even if Tank-type brawlers are present, Angelo can easily dispatch them due to the fewer hiding spots and his ability to deal significant damage. Overall, these modes allow Angelo to capitalize on his strengths and dominate the battlefield.

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