Brawl Stars: Amber Best Gadget and Star Power

Amber is a Legendary brawler in the Controller class, characterized by long range, normal movement speed, and a very fast reload speed.

Her basic attacks unleash long-ranged piercing flames that deal high damage, all contained within one large ammo bar. These flames have the unique ability to pass through enemies, allowing Amber to hit multiple targets if they are lined up.

When Amber deploys her super, she hurls a flask containing flammable fluid. Upon impact, the flask breaks, spreading the fluid in a wide radius and creating fire puddles. While the fluid itself does not harm enemies, if ignited while an enemy is walking over it, it inflicts significant damage over time for a duration of 4 seconds.

Now, let’s delve deeper into her gadgets, star power, optimal build, and the best game modes to maximize Amber’s potential.

Amber’s Gadgets

First Gadget: Fire Starters

When activated, Amber gains a 14% increase in speed while leaving a trail of fluid behind her for 3 seconds. This gadget proves to be a solid choice for her, as it aids in keeping enemies at bay. With increased speed and a fluid trail, Amber gains mobility advantage, making it harder for opponents to close in on her.

Second Gadget: Dancing Flames

When activated, this gadget summons 3 fireballs that revolve around Amber for 5 seconds. Each of these fireballs deals 2200 damage upon hitting enemies. This gadget serves as a good choice for Amber, especially in situations where she struggles to hit enemies due to obstacles or walls. With these fireballs, she can effectively target opponents even over walls, providing versatility and enabling her to confirm kills in various scenarios.

Amber’s Star Powers

First Star Power: Wild Flames

With this star power, Amber gains the ability to have two fire puddles active simultaneously. Additionally, when she is near one of her fire puddles, she passively charges her super over time, gaining 5% charge per second. This effect also applies when using her first gadget.

Second Gadget: Scorching Siphon

This star power boosts Amber’s ammo recharging speed by 50% when she’s near her fire puddle. It proves especially valuable in modes like Hotzone, where she can strategically create the puddle within the zone and stand in it. This tactic not only provides annoyance to opponents but also showcases her effectiveness in controlling the Hotzone. With her fast reload speed and the ability to rapidly recharge ammo near her fire puddle, Amber can swiftly eliminate enemy teams, making it challenging for them to enter and contest the Hotzone effectively.

Best Amber Build

he best Amber build incorporates her second gadget, “Dancing Flames,” and her first star power,Wild Flames.” Following its buff, the second gadget has become the optimal choice for Amber. Its ability to deter Assassin-type brawlers from rushing her and help in confirming kills, especially on maps with more obstacles, addresses her weaknesses effectively.

As for star power selection, “Wild Flames” stands out as the preferred choice. It enhances Amber’s versatility by increasing the number of active fire puddles, making it challenging for short-range brawlers to approach her. While the second star power is also strong, “Wild Flames” excels in providing control over the battlefield, particularly in modes like Hotzone, where Amber’s ability to deny entry to the capture zone makes her a dominant force.

In terms of gear choices, “Super Charge” and her Mythic gearSticky Oil” are recommended. These selections amplify her crowd control capabilities, allowing her to maintain pressure on the enemy team and assert dominance in battles.

Best Modes for Amber

Amber thrives in several game modes, including Showdown, Hotzone, Heist, and Brawl Ball.

In Showdown modes, Amber excels on maps with fewer walls, allowing her to pick off enemies with ease from a distance. Her long-range capabilities make her a formidable opponent, and her second gadget provides additional protection against close-range brawlers, making her difficult to defeat.

Hotzone is another mode where Amber shines, as she can effectively control the capture zone with her fire puddles, making it challenging for opponents to contest it.

In Heist, Amber’s ability to deal high damage to static targets makes her a valuable asset. She can quickly melt away the HP of the Heist Safe and her super can easily target the safe, making her a nuisance for the opposing team.

In Brawl Ball, Amber’s defensive capabilities make her an excellent defender. With the predictability of enemy movements in this mode, she can effectively utilize her kit to block opponents and control the field, providing crucial support to her team’s defense.

Overall, these modes play to Amber’s strengths, allowing her to assert dominance and contribute significantly to her team’s success.

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